One of the most beautiful places, in my opinion.
Sterile, hospital-esque, everyone coming and going in no-man's land.
No blood on this man's hands (albeit, if there is, it's well hidden!).
Everyone with their shirts ironed and shoes polished, skeletons left at home.
Security would surely something to say about that!

The sky's the limit according to these verified cathedral ceilings.
Fly with us! We'll take you there. A drink? Five?
Of course, my friend and/or valued customer, whichever you prefer - no need to be afraid to get high!

A place where I'm just a guy and he's just a guy and everybody's just a guy and, hell, all we gotta do is drink a glass of wine and not even think about drugs or weapons or sunscreens larger than 150ml because they have sensors for that, right? No feelings here, ya dig??? It's fun, it's free, it's like you're walking around a giant blow-up antidepressant, no prescription necessary!

dream & real:

there was a time i cursed my bedroom but
now i think i’m stronger than that
I still dream of cabins and the sea;
While you are off to spain i am dreaming
of what my next trip might be

Something bout the way you cut your hair
and typed all night on nootropics
something bout the way you cut your hair
while i swam through centre of the sea in a pod of dolphins

The only music i could stomach that morning was sad country tunes
nah it’s not cause I was thinkin’ of you nah it was
Something to do with a person I knew…

what is sacred anymore?

first class is
fake flowers and wine
old white people who
have to stick out their tongues
to get food in their mouths

what is sacred anymore?

white men in khakis
show their photos of kids
they helped in africa
for 2 weeks
why, for so today
they could sit here
in their zip-offs
and show me the way

starbucks at machu picchu
the holy water of americans
a complete bastardization
of all that was once

pan flutes and market stands
selling identical goods
walk by enough times
and you might just buy one
if you do not, what good
have you done?

lady lady
senioria, seniorita
massa, massa
white skin means money
and white skin has turned
beloved grounds into
functional enterprise

if it hadn’t been Spain, it would be the next
would it be me?
in a way,

Cameras snapping
but I can’t stomach
the removal of the lens cover
to capture the view
of white men in khakis

and all that is sacred.