One of the most beautiful places, in my opinion.
Sterile, hospital-esque, everyone coming and going in no-man's land.
No blood on this man's hands (albeit, if there is, it's well hidden!).
Everyone with their shirts ironed and shoes polished, skeletons left at home.
Security would surely something to say about that!

The sky's the limit according to these verified cathedral ceilings.
Fly with us! We'll take you there. A drink? Five?
Of course, my friend and/or valued customer, whichever you prefer - no need to be afraid to get high!

A place where I'm just a guy and he's just a guy and everybody's just a guy and, hell, all we gotta do is drink a glass of wine and not even think about drugs or weapons or sunscreens larger than 150ml because they have sensors for that, right? No feelings here, ya dig??? It's fun, it's free, it's like you're walking around a giant blow-up antidepressant, no prescription necessary!